This website uses images and icons from four different resource types:
  • Private collections;
  • Public domain images libraries;
  • Licenced images; and
  • By courtesy of JASD students and/or their parents/guardians.

We go to great lengths to ensure that proper permission is obtained before any image is included within the site, and never knowingly infringe copyright restrictions. Should anyone believe that an image has been improperly used, please inform the webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who will remove it while an investigation takes place. We will publish an apology should a mistake be identified.

Private Collections

These images include those for which the specific permission of the photographer has been obtained, and images taken in the dance studio for which both the permission of the photographer and the students has been obtained.

We wish to acknowledge the generous contributions made by:

Public Domain Images Libraries

Public domain sources include image libraries such as:

Other public domain images are made available as an expression of good will by the relevant photographer, and author attribution is not required. Nevertheless, we prefer to acknowledge their contribution where the necessary details are available. Authors we with to acknowledge include:

Some images and icons made available in the public domain, for example those obtained from Wikimedia Commons (, require author attribution. In the case of those used on this site, those authors include:

  • Peter Mueller
  • Kenny Johnson
Licenced Images

Images obtained from stock libraries are all licensed in accordance with the requirements of the particular author and stock library. Image libraries used from time to time to obtain such images for this site include:

By Courtesy of JASD Students and/or their Parents/Guardians

Images acquired during JASD classes, events or shows are used by kind permission of JASD student and/or their parents/guardians.



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