Last day of term 17th July

Half Term 30th May-5th June

Summer show 16-17 July 2022

Last day of term 17th July

Half Term 30th May-5th June

Summer show 16-17 July 2022

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Ballet is a type of performance dance that originated during the Italian Renaissance, in the fifteenth century, and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. It has since become a widespread, highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary based on French terminology. It has been globally influential and has defined the foundational techniques used in many other dance genres and cultures. Click link/picture above to see what classes we have available.


Being able to create instruments with your feet is an amazing feeling; tap and Irish tap give you this ability. We have classes in ISTD Tap for those aged four and upwards, and a fun Adult Tap class for those having basic tap knowledge. Click the link/picture above to see what classes we offer.


Street, which originates from the social scene, has become very popular and incorporates a wide range of styles. In Street classes you'll learn Hip Hop, Break dancing, House and Commercial dance styles. Classes are fun and informal, and available for junior and senior levels. We also offer an Adult commercial class where you'll learn to move like Beyoncé and The Pussy Cat Dolls. Join us to make new friends, learn routines to boost your confidence and have a chance to let your hair down. Click the link/picture above to see what classes we offer.

Stretching and Strengthening

To reach an individual's full potential in dance technique it is important to improve flexibility and complement this with strengthening. This class goes through safe stretches to increase one's range of motion, tone muscles and improve muscle strength. Click link/picture above to see what classes we have available.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatre that incorporates dialogue, music, dancing, singing and acting. The primary focus of this class is to introduce the basic elements of a musical. We select the repertoire from popular musical theatre and work towards a presentation for the last class of term. If you love singing, acting, and dancing this fun two-hour class will be perfect for you. It is for all abilities, from five years plus. Click link/picture above to see what classes we have available.

Irish Tap

Irish Tap is a combination of traditional hard-shoe Irish and rhythm tap to create a twist to the normal tap rhythms. If you always wanted to dance like Michael Flatley, come along to our Irish Tap classes. These are available for six-year- olds through to adults. Click the link/picture above to see what classes are available.

Modern Theatre Dance

ModernTheatre Dance

Modern dance is a highly energetic and rhythmic dance style that originated in America, before spreading throughout the rest of the world. It’s often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style features travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all require strength and flexibility. Click link/picture above to see what classes we have available..


Contemporary and Lyrical

Contemporary and Lyrical

Contemporary dance is a multi-faceted and varied style that does not easily fit a simple definition, and is not performed in the same way by every dancer. It is an expressive style dance that combines elements of several genres including modern, lyrical, classical ballet and jazz. Dancers, sometimes performing barefoot, strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Lyrical dance is a dance style consisting of a blend of elements of both ballet and jazz dance. Lyrical dance is generally somewhat more fluid than ballet and also tends to be rather faster -- although it not as rapidly executed as jazz dance. Lyrical dance seeks to be expressive of a dancer's emotions, with the physical movements often sychronized with the lyrics of the music. Click link/picture above to see what classes we have available.

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Our terms run for 12 weeks, and there are three terms in a year.
A few classes can be paid weekly, but most must be paid prior
to the start of term.

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JASD caters for those wanting to learn for fun, to get fit, or wanting to take training more seriously to help pursue their dream of having a career in the Performing Arts industry.

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“A real family friendly dance school offering many dance genres...."
"It is so fun attending to all these brilliant classes full of new things!....
Miss Jess is an amazing dance teacher."

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