Use of this website to download images identifies that you agree to the conditions stated below. If you cannot accept any of these terms and conditions you should not download any images from this website.

1. Size of downloaded image files - Approximate file size is normally specified in the list of image types displayed at time of purchase. However, these may vary to some extent when different cameras are used or when images have been cropped. However, in general terms, full-size or high-resolution images are the same, or almost the same, as those downloaded from the camera in which they were created. Low resolution images are normally reduced versions of the full-size, original images more suited to small prints and applications such as social media.

2. Downloading images - Whenever a download is purchased, a link to the purchased image(s) is automatically emailed to the customer. Clicking on the link provides access to images to enable them to be saved to the customer’s computer. The link expires after 30 days. Customers are advised to save the images to their computer within that timescale.

3. Copyright marking - The embedded copyright overlay appears on all thumbnails to remind customers that international law assigns copyright to the photographer, and that copyright does not transfer to the customer on purchase of a print or download. The copyright overlay does not appear on the purchased download image.

4. Use of digital images or prints - Images are for the personal use of customers and must not be resold or distributed. You must not use images for any commercial, promotional, advertorial, endorsement, advertising or merchandising purpose. Digital images may be used in social media applications, but when used in other print and electronic media such as websites, magazines and newspapers they must be credited "Photo courtesy of".

5. False Representation of Authorship - The customer may not falsely represent that they are the original creator of a work that is made up largely of licensed content. For instance, a painting based solely on licensed content must not be claimed as the sole work of the artist.

6. Quality of images - The file size of our images is normally stated in the list of available file types. Prior to purchasing a download or print please ensure that the image quality is sufficient for your purpose. Photographing dancers in a low-light environment is challenging, and in some instances there may be visible blurring caused by rapid movement of the subject. Downloading an image does not correct such blurring.

7. Refunds - JASD cannot make refunds to customers dissatisfied with any downloaded images. What you see is what you get. Remember, however, that images can be manipulated on your local computer once they have been downloaded. Nevertheless, blurring cannot be eliminated.

8. Correction of images - Downloaded images have been colour corrected and adjusted for optimum exposure. Some may also have been cropped to improve composition. In this latter case, the pixel dimensions of the image will be reduced to some extent.

9. Print sizes - Some print sizes, such as 6" x "4 and 9" x 6" have an aspect ratio of 3:2. Many original images have the same or similar aspect ratios and can therefore be printed to these sizes without cropping. Other print sizes may only be made possible by cropping part of the image. For instance, a 7" x 5" print may not show the whole area of the original image.

10. Longevity - All photographic prints fade over time, particularly when exposed to direct sunlight. Lifespans may be prolonged by protecting prints from sunlight and atmospheric degradation by storing them in photo albums.

11. Delivery times - Download purchases are immediate and automatic. Orders for prints are normally dispatched by Royal Mail within 3 days.

12. Refunds - Refunds cannot be made for downloads or prints purchased from this website. Customers must ensure that they have selected the correct image and are satisfied with colour and exposure before making a purchase.


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